What is Landscape Architecture? 


Landscape Architecture is the nurture, design, and manipulation of both the natural and built environments to achieve various desired goals and outcomes in outdoor space, and to enhance overall quality of life.  Landscape Architecture approaches design with an environmentally conscious mindset, seeking to identify natural features of the environment, protect those features, and turn them into assets in the overall design to both create comfortable and enjoyable spaces, and reduce project costs and impacts.  Landscape Architects help to integrate development projects into the surrounding environment as well as accent architecture and natural features.  One key aspect of Landscape Architecture is to help people understand and visualize what the final project will be.  This is achieved through numerous visualization techniques including color rendered site plans, illustrative sections, 3D modeling, and fly throughs of a realistic 3D model of the project.  These visualizations can help projects get passed more quickly with greater agency and public understanding.


Landscape Architectural services we offer:

   -Site Analysis
   -Site Planning
   -Landscape Design & Planting Plans
   -Design and Planning of outdoor spaces
   -Illustrative Site Plans and Exhibits
   -3D modeling and Visualization