Pinnacle Engineering Group (PEG) was founded in 2011 by those who wanted to create a company where people who value friendship, loyalty, and team collaboration would flourish. At PEG, every individual plays a key role in the success of the company as we take a team approach on every aspect of every project. By drawing on the experience and expertise of each team member, PEG is able to provide the highest quality of work product to our clients.


PEG is continually evaluating industry trends, changes in regulation, and the needs of our clients which in turn helps to define the vision of the company and establish new goals that align with the ever changing marketplace. By taking this proactive approach, PEG is able to provide innovative solutions while drawing on the successes of previous concepts. This approach, merged with our client’s goals and aspirations, has not only led to a diverse client base, but also one in which we have developed deep partnerships and friendships with our clients.